East Lake Commons (ELC) is a Cohousing Community built on 20 partially wooded acres located 4 miles east of downtown Atlanta. Cohousing is a relatively new form of intentional community that places emphasis on resource sharing, community involvement, sustainable living, and diversity. Our family-friendly village is built around pedestrian paths, and includes:

The Commons - 67 fee simple townhouse residences and a large community center used for community meals, meetings, and social events and including two guest rooms.

Gaia Gardens - a 3-acre 0rganic garden, orchard, greenhouse, and pond.

We are part of a much larger urban renewal / urban pioneering effort involving unprecedented cooperation between government, private commercial enterprise, and local neighborhood associations to revitalize the historic East Lake district of Atlanta. Ongoing educational and outreach programs, including summer camps for kids and yearly neighborhood festivals, help build bridges between ELC and the surrounding East Lake Neighborhoods, including Delphine, Greystone, and Swazey-Summit.